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About Little Wings

Founded in 2008, Little Wings School of English offers high quality English language education. By developing our own method, we have ensured an effortless yet motivating learning experience for all ages. Our directive board and pedagogical team belong to Cobrains group, pioneers in English language teaching. We are also an Authorized Cambridge English Preparation Centre, with an outstanding 100% pass rate.

Our Method

We guarantee English learning by implementing a method we have developed through years of experience. Teaching methodology

  • Language consolidation and review: a series of creative, interactive and original activities to test and consolidate previously acquired knowledge
  • Introduction of new structures and concepts: through diverse resources such as videos, stories, news, among others.
  • Practical interaction: : applying new knowledge in real-life contexts and making it memorable for students.

Contact us today at 91 726 64 00 to learn more about us

Avda de los Toreros, 11, 28028 Madrid

Calle de la Salvia, 44, 28109 Alcobendas (Madrid)

Thank you for your interest in Little Wings School of English. If you wish to contact us, please fill in the form below or write an email to info@littlewings.es and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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